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Call Plumbers with Video Pipe Inspection Equipment for a Drain Clog

Sometimes, you can unclog a drain on your own, using a sink plunger designed specifically for clogs near the opening of a drain. It’s also possible to clean a drain using a little bit of baking soda followed up by some vinegar, especially if you’re trying to clear out smelly drains.

But when the clog moves too far down the drain, blocking water and waste from moving along into the sewer system, you need a tough solution. And for this, we recommend that you always seek out the help of licensed, experienced plumbers. And make sure they have video inspection equipment for a tough job!


When a plumber goes in to unclog a drain, they do not typically guess at the best course of action. A drain snake has multiple fittings, each of which may come in handy for a particular type of clog. And the type of tool is also dependent on where the clog is in the drainpipe.

For stuck-on residue and debris backing up the pipes, thoroughly hydro jetting the drains may be the best option. To clear a clog from a particular location in the pipes, a conventional drain snake might be sufficient. But if the problem turns out to be tree roots, an entirely different approach may be necessary to break up the roots and prevent the problem from recurring.


That’s why it’s so important that your plumbers bring along video pipe inspection equipment. Not every plumber has access to this equipment (especially not your local handyman) and you might have to ask for this service.

With video pipe inspection equipment, a plumber is able to get a clear look at the pipes, with a view that helps them to determine what, exactly, the issue is in a minimally invasive way. It’s small enough to fit through most cleanouts, and a trained plumber will know what to look for.

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