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Schedule A Plumbing Inspection This Fall!

We believe that prevention can save you a lot of headaches later on. It’s why you get your oil changed in your car every few thousand miles—preventing catastrophes from happening later on. In fact, many of the larger systems in your life can benefit from a thorough inspection and tune-up every so often—not just your car.

Your plumbing system, for example, can have a number of problems that could cost you later on, but an inspection can spare you from worry. Here’s why we think any home can benefit from a fall plumbing system inspection.


It’s one of the most annoying plumbing problems you can run into. A major drain and sewer clog means you have to wait a long time for sinks and tubs to drain. And in some cases, you may even have sewage backing up into the home—yuck!

You can request a video pipe inspection for a thorough look at your drain line. If necessary, a plumber may recommend drain cleaning to ensure you don’t run into drainage issues as the holidays approach.


It’s important that you do what you can to hold onto your plumbing components for as long as possible. But mineral deposits in the water are often out of your control. This issue causes what’s known as scaling, the crusty buildup that results when there is too much calcium in the water (hard water).

While calcium in the water probably won’t affect your health, it can ruin your plumbing system, building up and collecting in pipes and fixtures—leading to their premature failure and replacement. During an inspection, a plumber can tell you whether hard water is an issue in your plumbing system and recommend solutions.


Water quality is a major concern homeowner bring up during a plumbing inspection, and it’s certainly something our plumber's address. In addition, technicians check over your water heater during a plumbing inspection to see that it’s operating efficiently and safely. That way, you avoid leaks or pressure buildup that could lead to a dangerous situation in your home.

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