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Keep These 3 Things Out Of Your Drains

We’re guessing you have had to deal with drain and sewer problems at least once in the past. You may have dealt with a small clog that was relatively easy to get out with a plunger or a small drain auger. But if you’ve ever had to experience a major sewer line clog or leak, then you know it’s something to avoid at all costs.

Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drain

You’re bound to run into drain and sewer problems eventually. Luckily, you can delay or prevent drainage issues by doing your part to keep certain items out of the drains. You have likely heard that you should keep things like popcorn kernels, baby wipes, and chicken bones out of the drains. But did you know that these items can also damage your drains?


These substances may seem rather harmless as you dump them down the drain while washing a pan. And they are—at first. They move down the drain with ease, but as they go further along the pipe, fats and grease start to solidify.

Once they cool down, these substances actually stick to the inside of the pipes. The sticky residue makes it easier for additional oils, foods, and other debris to stick and form larger clogs that require heavy duty equipment to get out.


One of the most surprising foods that we see clogging up drains time and time again is pasta. Last night’s spaghetti got broken up rather easily by the garbage disposal, and moved along down the drains with relative ease in the beginning. But pasta expands in water (as does rice). That pasta can quickly double in size and back up the drains throughout your home.


Many people are surprised to hear just how much chemical drain cleaners can damage the inside of their drains. Chemical drain cleaners that you find on shelves are some of the most toxic substances you can buy! Potential injuries aside, the chemicals wear down the inside of the pipes and can lead to leaks.

Besides, they often don’t work. They can only really dissolve certain organic materials, and they may just push others further along down the drains. Professional hydro jetting, on the other hand, uses high-pressure water jets to force clogs out to your sewer system.

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