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5 Common Tankless Water Heater Problems

Many people take for granted the fact that hot water is always available at the turn of a faucet handle—until a water heater breaks down. If your water heater is giving you trouble left and right, you may be in the market for a new system. And in order to avoid running into the same problems over and over again, you might decide to upgrade your older tank unit to a new high-efficiency tankless water heater.

Tankless Water Heater

Troubleshooting Problems with Tankless Water Heaters

We are huge fans of the tankless water heater. It uses far less energy or fuel than a tank water heater and it takes up less space too. Tankless water heaters are reliable and long-lasting—but it’s important to know that tankless water heaters can run into trouble too. Tankless water heaters need repair from time to time. Luckily, you can always turn to our team for tankless water heater services.

1. Tankless Water Heater Not Heating

If a tankless water heater that runs on the natural gas supply in your home is not heating up properly, it probably has to do with the part of the system that heats it up: the burner. This is a common problem that is found especially in gas tankless water heaters. The burner may not light because the thermocouple, the safety device that senses when a flame is present, has worn out and needs to be replaced. Luckily, this is a fairly inexpensive parts replacement. Otherwise, you may need to clean the burners.

2. Broken Heating Elements

One of the most common types of tankless water heaters that are found in our area is the electric tankless water heater. A potential problem with tankless water heaters that run on electricity stems from their heating elements as well. The difference is that an electric tankless water heater uses heating elements. Likely, a heating element will need replacement, although the problem could stem from a broken thermostat or even a tripped circuit breaker.

3. Sediment Buildup

Hard water, water with a lot of calcium in it, can allow for the buildup of scale, or sediment. Sediment buildup commonly affects tank water heaters by building up at the bottom of the tank, wearing it out, and creating pressure imbalances, which is why many people regularly flush their water heaters.

Tankless water heater owners may not be aware that the same scaling can affect a tankless unit. Sediment can build on a heating element, preventing proper heat exchange and potentially allowing the system to overheat or break down.

4. Rumbling Noises

Another sign that there is a problem with your tankless water heater is when it makes odd rumbling sounds. Your water heater should not be making any noises, so if you hear anything that sounds funny, you want to make sure that you get it checked straight away in order to avoid costly damages and repairs.

5. Strange Odors

Another indication of tankless water heater problems is when you notice strange and unusual odors coming from it. As a matter of fact, any unusual odors related to your water heater could be risky and potentially dangerous. It usually means that iron levels are higher than they should be and if the iron levels are too high, it could become a safety concern. If you notice any strange odors coming from your water heater, please contact a professional straight away to get it checked out and fixed for you as soon as possible.

Preventing Frequent Tankless Water Heater Repair

Tankless water heaters need regular maintenance and flushing too! You can prevent tankless water heater repair by calling in a technician once a year to inspect, adjust, and flush your tankless water heater. Taking care of the most important systems in your home is the only way to ensure they last for longer and run more efficiently. A tankless water heater could last around two decades if you take care of it properly!

If you’re in need of tankless water heater repair in Nashville, don’t hesitate to call Michael’s Plumbing Service today at (615) 645-2322. You can also contact us online!

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