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Why Is Water Leaking Underneath The Sink?

Plumber repairing leaky kitchen sink

Plumbing systems leak all the time, but there’s one call we seem to get more often than most: a leak underneath the bathroom or kitchen sink. In part, this is because it’s one of the few parts of your plumbing system you can actually see. All you have to do is open the cabinet underneath the sink unless you have exposed piping, or you may notice water dripping on the floor. Yikes!

What's Causing Your Kitchen Sink to Leak?

Underneath the sink is where a lot of plumbing components meet up, and all of those connections mean a greater chance of leakage. There are so many possibilities for where the water may be coming from that we had to make a list!

#1: Water Leaks from Around the Rim of the Sink

The water under your sink may come from a leak between the sink and your countertop. You’ll want to solve the problem quickly, to avoid damaging your cabinetry any further, and it’s rather simple to see whether this is the problem. Simply dribble water around the edge of the sink and check for leaking underneath.

You can also spot the water damage in many cases with a flashlight. Check for a swollen particle board or other signs of damage. There are a couple of ways you may be able to rectify the situation on your own:

  • Try tightening the nuts holding the sink base in place underneath.
  • Re-caulk old caulk that is wearing away.

#2: Waste Water Leaks from the Drains

There are a few ways to tell whether water is leaking from a sink drain rather than from the supply pipes or from water collecting around a cracked sink rim. For one thing, if the leak is in the kitchen sink, the puddles in your cabinet or floor may be accompanied by foul odors.

There’s an easy way to test for leaks in the drain line:

  • Plug up your sink with a drain cover and fill it up.
  • Then, unplug the sink, and wait underneath with a flashlight, looking for the source of the trouble. In some cases, you can simply tighten a nut where the pipes connect. In other cases, plumber’s putty comes into play.
  • Or, you may need to replace a leaky garbage disposal. It’s best to let a trained plumber handle these more difficult tasks.

#3: The Water Supply Pipes are Leaking

Finally, the leak may originate at the supply line that brings water to your sink. If this is the case, the leak underneath the sink is likely to be relatively constant. How can you tell with certainty? There’s a simple method. Simply grab a tissue and blot along the supply line. If the tissue gets wet, you’ll know where the leak is.

The supply lines may need a tighter connection, but they often need replacement. Alternatively, a plumber may find that you need to replace your water shut-off valve. In any case, it’s best to leave this type of leak repair to a trained, experienced plumber who can solve the problem quickly without flooding your kitchen or bathroom.

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