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3 Reasons to Replace an Older Toilet

Many of the older plumbing systems we service begin to run into trouble because certain components are replaced far later than they should be. You should not wait for your plumbing to completely stop working before scheduling professional service. At Michael's Plumbing Service, we recommend that our customers do their best and be proactive about replacing the outdated components of their plumbing systems that could soon fail.

Should You Upgrade Your Toilet?

So if you have a toilet that is decades old, what are you waiting for? Call expert plumbers today to replace a toilet that just isn’t right for your bathroom. Following are the most common reasons people take into consideration when deciding whether or not they should upgrade their toilet.

Benefit 1: Aesthetics

One major reason homeowners decide to upgrade their toilet is for aesthetic purposes. An old, discolored, banged-up toilet may not match the design plan you have for your bathroom. Whether you’re in for a major bathroom remodeling project or just looking for a small change, upgrading your toilet will make you feel a lot better about your home. You can even find toilets in unique designs, such as wall-mounted toilets without a visible base (which also make cleanup easier).

Benefit 2: Water Conservation

Another big reason to upgrade a toilet installed before the 1990s is to save water. Water usage can be quite high if you have a toilet that is decades old, as these were not designed to save water with each flush. Low-flow (low-flush) toilets have the same flush power with less volume since they use more water pressure with each flush. Low-flow toilets use nearly a third of the water as those installed before the turn of the century.

Benefit 3: Comfort

Finally, your toilet may be working just fine, but does it feel like you’re sitting on a rock on the ground? Comfort-height toilets that are an inch or two higher are a lot easier on the knees or the back. This is an especially great upgrade if there are elderly residents or disabled family members, but anyone can benefit from a toilet specially designed for comfort.

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