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What Makes Fats, Oils, And Grease So Bad For Your Drains?

When drains clog, plumbers are often able to pin down the cause, and it’s often one that can seem surprising: fats, oils, and grease. FOG, as plumbers know it, is one of the most harmful substances for a set of drains and your sewer line. But many homeowners don’t even know it. So what’s the deal?


Fats, oils, and grease are seemingly harmless substances. But they’re worse than they seem. After cooking, FOG may pour easily down the drains. But when they cool, these substances solidify.

They become a sticky residue that easily clings onto the insides of the drainpipes. This residue alone could backup the drains, collecting until it restricts the flow of drainage. Also, any additional debris, like hair and food particles, is more likely to cling to the pipelining.


Fats, oils, and grease are tough to get out of the drains. Chemical drain cleaners found on store shelves may not work at all and could wear down the lining of your drains (not to mention how toxic the chemicals are).

You should call a plumber if your drains are backing up. Professional drain and sewer cleaning usually requires heavy duty tools. We use high-pressure water hoses in a process known as hydro jetting to blast clogs out to the sewer.


Think about the things you pour down the drain on a daily basis. After cooking bacon, do you just put the pan in the sink and start rinsing? It’s time for a change.

FOG can be found in a number of things you cook with every day and we recommend doing your best to put these in the trash instead. This includes…

  • Cooking oil.
  • Fats and oil left over from meals.
  • Lard, butter, and sour cream.
  • Salad dressing and other sauces.

We recommend pouring leftover cooking oils, grease, and fat into a separate container, allowing them to cool, and throwing this container into the trash. You should also wipe off dishes with a paper towel before rinsing and throw this away.

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