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How Hard Water Is Impacting Your Home

Child washing their hands under running water

limescale on faucet

If you've noticed cloudy, spotty glassware or if your showerheads and faucets are frequently clogged, you’re one of the many Nashville residents who has a hard water problem.

While this mineral-rich water is perfectly safe to drink, it can be a real nuisance.

Rough on Your Skin and Hair

Ever step out of the shower feeling, well, not exactly clean? That’s because hard water interferes with the soap’s ability to develop a good lather. Hard water can also make your skin feel dry and scaly and your hair rough and tangly.

Harsh on Laundry

As mentioned, soap and hard water don’t exactly mix well. That can make it more difficult to get stains out of your clothes. Plus, mineral-heavy water damages fabric, making it feel stiff and rough to the touch.

Residue on Dishes

For the same reason that your skin feels scaly, your dishes will appear spotty after washing. Cloudy glassware and streaky plates are also symptoms of hard water.

Clogs Pipes

The minerals in hard water can bind to pipes and drains. Over time, this can form a stubborn blockage. As mineral deposits build-up, you might see that your water supply lines have an impeded flow. Additionally, your drains might start to clog. Replacing pipes can lead to some pretty hefty bills.

Damages on Fixtures

Not only will hard water leave mineral deposits inside of pipes, but it can also leave mineral deposits on the outside of plumbing fixtures. Your showerhead and faucets can see a heavy accumulation. These stains can mare the appearance of polished chrome and mat black fixtures.

If your house is plagued with hard water, installing a water softener can help. Water softeners remove minerals from your supply, sparing your plumbing, dishware, and skin. To schedule a water testing appointment with Michael’s, call (615) 645-2322.