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How Can I Tell If There’s a Problem With My Home’s Sewer Line?

If your home's sewer line isn't working properly, it could result in serious property damage. Therefore, it's important to know the signs that there might be an issue that you'll need to resolve quickly. Let's take a closer look at some of the clues that might tip you off to the presence of a sewer line problem.

Parts of Your Lawn Are Growing Faster Than Others

When a sewer line breaks, there is a chance that excess water, sewage, and other materials will seep into the ground. In some cases, these materials actually serve as an effective fertilizer for grass, plants, and other vegetation. Although you may be happy to see a healthy lawn, it's still important to call a professional right away.

leaking sewer line in front yard

Do You Have Large Trees on Your Property?

It's not uncommon for tree roots to grow inside of the pipes surrounding your home. Symptoms of tree roots growing inside of a pipe include inconsistent water pressure, slow drains and odd noises when flushing the toilet.

Is Your Home's Foundation Cracked?

A broken sewer line could be causing cracks in your home's foundation. The crack itself is likely the result of damage caused by moisture that has leaked out of this component. It’s important to get both of these issues corrected in a timely manner to ensure that your home is safe enough to live in. Depending on how bad the crack is, the house is at risk for collapsing with little or no warning.

Water Backs Into the Sink, Toilet or Tub

If your home is functioning like it should, you won't see the bathtub fill with water when you flush the toilet. Furthermore, the water level in the toilet shouldn't go up just because water is running from the sink faucet. Call a professional to inspect your sewer line if you notice any of these things happening at your house.

The longer you wait to fix a broken sewer line, the more likely it is to damage your property. In most cases, a professional will use a small camera to look inside of the line to determine what is causing the issue. From there, they can repair or replace the damaged pipe.

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