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How to Prevent Common Holiday Plumbing Problems

Protect Your Plumbing During the Holiday Season

The holidays are full of fun, laughter, and joy with family and friends gathering at their homes and celebrating all of the things they’re thankful for. While the holidays are the perfect time to have people over to share food and drinks, this can have an impact on your home’s plumbing system.

Sometimes they say, “the more, the merrier,” however, the more people you have at your home, the more plumbing issues you may have. Our team at Michael's Plumbing Service wants to help you get through this holiday season without plumbing hiccups so you can enjoy time with your family and friends!

Keep reading to see what extra measures you can take to avoid a holiday plumbing nightmare.

1. Insulate Your Plumbing

Insulating your pipes can help keep them from freezing and bursting in extremely cold weather. This will help you avoid any incidents and inconveniences like losing water through a leak or not being able to get enough water to flow through your faucets. An experienced plumber can insulate your plumbing ahead of time by wrapping them with insulation under your sinks and in crawl spaces throughout your house.

2. Check for Broken Toilets

One of the worst things that can happen while having lots of guests over at your home for the holidays is having a toilet that won’t flush. While this is an inconvenience, you can easily prepare for this by checking the tank for any problems before your guests arrive.

To check your toilet’s tank, simply lift the lid to take a look. Keep an eye out for issues with the flapper, like if the chain is loose or the flapper isn’t connected properly. You can also look to make sure that the water in your tank is running. If there isn’t water running, you can fill a bowl with water and pour it into the bowl to force your toilet to flush. This will get your toilet going and in decent shape until guests leave and you can contact a plumber.

3. Check for a Broken or Clogged Garbage Disposal

Do you plan on cooking any famous dishes or family staples this holiday season? Before you start on your family’s favorite dishes, you should make sure your garbage disposal is working properly.

Turn on your garbage disposal and listen closely for any clanking or banging noises. To fix this problem, you can unplug your garbage disposal and try to look down the drain to see if anything is clogging the blades. Double-check if you unplugged your disposal, and then reach into the drain to remove any objects that are obstructing the blades.

If you turn on your disposal, and it doesn’t make a noise at all, then you may have an electrical issue. To fix this, you can reset the disposal by pressing the reset button under your sink. However, if that doesn’t work, we suggest contacting your local electrician to make sure your outlet works.

4. Check Sink, Shower, and Tub Drains

With more people staying at your home and taking showers or baths, and using the sinks more frequently than usual, your pipes may become overwhelmed with an influx in use. Protect your drains by asking family members and friends to wait at least 15 minutes in between showers and baths to allow the water already in your pipes to flow out. You can also ask them to help you save your pipes from clogging by not throwing certain foods and other objects down the drain like hair, paper, plastic, and tissue.

Keeping Your Holidays Merry with Michael's Plumbing Service

Get your plumbing ready for the holidays with help from Michael's Plumbing Service in Nashville, TN! The holidays are one of the busiest times people experience plumbing issues, making it harder to find a plumber within a decent time frame. However, with help from our team, we can offer you tips, inspect your pipes for future issues, and fix any current plumbing problems you may have so that your holiday goes smoothly!

Give us a call at (615) 645-2322 to schedule an appointment for your plumbing inspection and repair today!

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