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Should I Get My Drains Cleaned Before the Holidays?

Reasons to Get Your Drains Cleaned Ahead of the Holidays

Clogged drains can be a nightmare and a little embarrassing, especially during the holiday season when family and friends come together. Overuse and dropping temperatures can spell trouble for your home’s plumbing due to clogged drains and freezing pipes.

Here are reasons to take action ahead of the winter season and get your drains cleaned by our professional plumbers at Michael's Plumbing Service.

Strong Odors

Odors from the drains in your kitchen sink, garbage disposal, or bathroom sink and toilet are no fun. These smells occur from the growth of bacteria from things washed down the drain or flushed down the toilet and the smell travels up through the pipes. You can get rid of odors by pressure washing the drains with soap and water and lighting your favorite seasonal scented candles.

Constant Clogs

Frequent clogs are a very common plumbing problem that most households face on a regular basis. However, if your pipes are clogging more than usual, it may be time to get them cleaned or repaired. Things like hair, small objects, and food are the usual suspects behind constantly clogged drains.

You can unclog your drains using a plunger or for stubborn clogged drains, you can contact a plumber to remove the clogs and repair your pipes.

Slow Drains

Slowly draining water is also a common sign that it’s time to clean your drains. Keep an eye on your sinks, bathtubs, showers, and dishwashers to see how long they take to drain the water and call a professional if it’s longer than usual.

Backed Up Toilets

One holiday nightmare that no one wants to encounter during a family gathering is a backed-up toilet. Your toilet backing up can be a huge inconvenience, and if you have another toilet in your home, it can cause a strain on that one too due to overuse.

A plumber can remove the clog from your toilet and also remove any blockages to your main sewer line.

Drain and Sewer Cleaning in Nashville, TN

Many homeowners do not consider calling a professional plumber to clean their drains until the problem becomes too big for them to handle. Our team at Michael's Plumbing Service encourages you to get your drains cleaned as soon as you notice a problem. We offer efficient drain cleaning services and are here to help you whenever you need us! Give us a call at Michael's Plumbing Service to schedule your appointment for our drain cleaning service.

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