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Stop! Minerals are Hurting Your Water

How Hard Water is Damaging Your Pipes

Water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium that can easily be noticed on surfaces like your kitchen sink or even on your skin. If you’ve ever gotten out of the shower and felt like your skin was dry, or used your kitchen sink and noticed white residue after running water, these are signs of hard water.

Dangers of Hard Water

Hard water can have a negative impact on your pipes and cause damage from clogs and buildup over time. It’s hard to remove deposits of minerals from your plumbing after so long. Here is how your pipes and appliances can become damaged.

Causes of Buildup

Some of the more serious problems related to hard water can’t always be seen. Deposits like limescale can buildup around your water heater and possibly cause buildup in the exchanger of a tankless water heater, reducing the efficiency of your water heater. Buildup from limescale can also increase your energy bills that are directly connected to your water heater.

Here are a few other impacts mineral buildup can have on your plumbing.

Clogged Drains

When water passes through your drains, so do calcium and magnesium. The minerals get attached to pipes that lead to your home’s faucets like the shower, sink, and bathtub.

Each time you use the drain in your sinks and tubs, minerals attach to your pipes. Drain cleaners aren’t always effective to remove clogs caused by minerals, so it’s best to contact a local plumber to clean your drains and inquire about installing water softeners.

Broken Pipes and Leaks

In case you were wondering if your water could cause your pipes to break, the answer is “yes.” Hard water contains materials that corrode plumbing in older homes. After a while, the minerals eat through pipes and create small openings in your pipes.

Over time, the holes grow larger and larger, which leads to a major leak. If you have a large leak in your pipes, you should shut off your main water supply and immediately contact a plumber.

Water Softener Installation in Nashville

If you believe your home’s plumbing has mineral buildup, and you want to take action to prevent further damages, our team at Michael's Plumbing Service can install water softeners and remove blockages. Give us a call at (615) 645-2322 to schedule an appointment with us!

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