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Water Purifiers in Nashville

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Just because you cannot see pollutants floating around in the water that is in your drinking glass does not necessarily mean that the water is of a high quality. There are plenty of pollutants, specifically biological pollutants, which can escape the human eye. These may include microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria that can be harmful to those consuming them in water. Unfortunately, such pollutants are not going to be successfully removed from your water supply by basic filtration methods.

On the bright side, the water treatment system professionals here at Michael's Plumbing Service are never more than a phone call away. When you work with us, you can take advantage of a professionally installed UV water purifier. This is the best way in which to ensure that your water supply is free of the aforementioned biological pollutants that can cause health problems. Contact us today to learn more about your options for water purification in Nashville.

How Does an Ultraviolet Water Purifier Work?

An ultraviolet water treatment system uses UV, or ultraviolet, light in order to destroy biological pollutants. The right wavelength of UV light can disrupt these biological pollutants at the DNA level. You can’t really just filter these pollutants out of the water because they are living entities that can continue to reproduce even after being trapped on a filter. Killing the pollutants and eliminating further proliferation is definitely the way to go.

It’s important to note that this level and type of UV radiation does not pose any risk to humans in the home or drinking the water. For biological pollutants such as giardia, bacteria, coliform, etc., though, it proves to be devastating. The EPA and FDA both approve UV water purification, and the fact is that it is preferable to using chemicals and processes that generate byproducts. Environmentally friendly and safe for consumers, UV water purification has a lot to offer.

Top-Quality Installation & Repair Services

Ultraviolet water treatment systems are quite simple in their operation. They use UV bulbs that emit the required wavelengths of UV light in order to destroy pollutants in the water. Despite the relatively straightforward design and operation of such systems, though, you must schedule your UV water treatment system installation with a trained professional. This is a whole–house water purifier, after all, and a professional installation or UV water purifier replacement is non–negotiable.

The operation of any ultraviolet water treatment system is pretty basic. The lamp is turned on and left to do its job. Little is required in the way of maintenance, other than changing the bulb and, generally, the sleeve of the system on an annual basis. It is possible that you may run into operational problems with your system, though.

If you notice any indicator lights or alarms on the system notifying you of operational problems, schedule repairs immediately with Michael's Plumbing Service. Waiting to schedule professional Nashville UV water treatment system repairs puts the quality of your water at serious risk.

Call us at (615) 645-2322 for the successful completion of any UV water purifier services that you may need in your home.

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